New York Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

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Attorney Baya Harrison

Attorney Baya Harrison

Required Documents

Valid ID

Social Security Card



  • 6 months' of paystubs
  • Social Security statements
  • Disability statements
  • Rental properties statements


  • Year-to-date profit and loss statement
  • 2 most recent years' profit and loss statement
  • Business bank statements

Statements: Monthly statements for all checking, savings, stock, retirement accounts


  • Loan agreement
  • Proof of value from from or
  • Monthly statement showing amount owed and monthly payment

Real Estate

  • Deed
  • Mortgage and note
  • Online valuation, broker’s price opinion, or appraisal
  • Mortgage statements showing current loan balances and payment amounts
  • Proof of home insurance
  • Time share documents

Life insurance policies

Creditors' bills 

Judgments for or against you

Alimony, child support orders

Personal injury documents

Certificate of completion for first credit counseling course 

Certificate of completion for second credit counseling course 

Steps to Apply for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

1. Obtain credit report

Download a copy of your credit report.

15 minutes

2. Credit counseling course

Complete a third-party online credit counseling course.

1 hour

3. Fill out online application

Input all required information, upload  documents, and pay the fee. All online.

40 minutes

4. Attorney review

A licensed New York Chapter 7 Bankruptcy attorney reviews your application materials and guides you on any necessary changes. 

1-2 days

5. You sign 

After the attorney's review is complete, you sign your application and provide us with scans of your signature pages. 

6. Attorney submits Chapter 7 petition to court

We submit your Chapter 7 petition to the Bankruptcy Court.

1-2 days

7. 341 Meeting

You and the attorney attend a meeting with the U.S. Bankruptcy trustee and any of creditors.

1-2 months

8. Discharge!

The Bankruptcy Court grants your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy discharge!

2-3 months

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